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Meet one of our Hou heroes
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Gabbie from Texas

We have so many amazing individuals that are a part of our Houlihan’s team and today we would like to introduce you to Gabbie. Gabbie has been with our family since January 2018 and has embodied what it means to be a 5 star server. Being a service trainer, her dedication to excellence shows every shift with her continuous development and training of her teammates. Her drive, passion and most of all spirit shines everyday and she is always up for a new task. Over her tenure with us, Gabbie has created a loyal fan following and our guests always request her by name. Thank you Gabbie, for all that you do!! #Houligans

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Want to become a Houligan? HOU wouldn’t? (Sorry.) Follow #Houligans too see what sort of shenangigans our teams get up to. Making work fun again, one day at a time.

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